Chuck the Truck's 52 Chevy - Color!

Ready for painting the exterior - the interior is already done, thus the masking. The interior is an 80's Corvette Lt Briar Brown metallic. Similar to the original, but the metallic gives it a little more pizazz.

[ I thought I had picked a color with matching Duplicolor touchup available, but I was wrong. The touchup doesn't match. Next time I'll make sure the colors match. Makes fixing stuff easier.]

The paint is PPG Concept, a single stage urethane. It really shines - this is fully dry! I was trying to decide between the original Forester Green or red. I've bought several red cars (some real dogs, too) but never painted one red. I always chose something more subtle, more in keeping with my character. I was all set to go with green, when I heard the term "resale red." I got to thinking that is probably why I bought those red junks. Even with this truck, I figured I paid too much because I fell for the red paint. So red it is. Should the day ever come that I decide to sell, it'll be somebody elses turn to pay too much. Thanks Phat.
The color is Chevy code 72 Bright Red.

[Again the touchup doesn't match. Lots of chips that needed fixing. It has me wondering if I didn't put down enough color.]

One smart thing I did was to pick up an HVLP spray gun. After going through three quarts of primer on the cab and doors (and miscellaneous trim), I realized my old conventional gun was costing me money. I bought a Devilbiss Finishline II at All Spray Guns for $150. Using it to put down the color on the same pieces, I used only 1 quart (2 coats even). It paid for itself right there since a gallon of color, with hardener and reducer is about $300.

"And then there was this bright light...I saw Grandma and Grandpa and Momma and they were all driving old Chevy trucks"

Wow, I guess those paint fumes were getting to me!

Unmasked. The plastic tarp is because my garage is my paint booth and the truck is too big to get into the house ;). Finally got the engine off that cheap 3 wheel engine stand. Did I mention that it tipped over? Crushed the oil filter and smashed the distributor cap, but no major damage.

Someday I'll get a digital camera. You can almost tell the interior color here.