Chuck the Truck's 52 Chevy - Repaint!

July, 2008

49000 Miles of sun, rain, gravel, snow and salt had taken a toll on the finish. A repaint was in order, but I sure didn't want to pay double high price on supplies. I'd use a roller before buying expensive paint again. Paint For Cars made the job affordable. Make sure you order well in advance of when you need it; FedEx had some trouble getting the paint delivered unscathed (twice - if you see any candy apple red FedEx trucks...) but Paint For Cars got replacement orders out promptly. A gallon of Candy Apple Red Urethane, hardener, and reducer only $74! I got two, just in case. I had to pick a gallon of reducer later at the local PBE shop and choked on a $50 price tag. For reducer???!!!

My wife put on her grubbies and helped me sand and mask. Doing all that detail work by hand is hard for one of my patience, but she excelled. Her prep was better than mine. The passenger door came all the way down to bare metal, I patched a few holes, stripped peeling chrome off the rear bumper, and we got it all masked for paint.

The Epoxy Primer is also from Paint For Cars and a deal at $90 for gallon with a gallon of catalyst. The epoxy primer worked great.

Nice weather for it, and keeping the doors open kept any fumes from building up. The sheeting kept the walls, tools, and shelves a lot cleaner than last time.

Looks better, and good enough for the way I drive it. The body color running boards look better than the black, and help tie the fenders together, visually.