Chuck the Truck's 52 Chevy - Something Different

A break from the truck....

A love for old vehicles must be genetic. My daughter inherited this love from me and I got it from my Dad. My daughter picked this 1966 Chevy Corvair as her first car, two years ago. She's been driving it daily since. Like her old man, winter doesn't stop her. This was the day it came home in 2001.

She washed the road salt off so we took some pics. The chrome makes a world of difference, doesn't it? We've resealed the engine, installed a new clutch, a new front end, and many miscellaneous improvements. It's running great and she's taking it 500 miles away to college next week.

The late body style is beautiful. Despite it's age, nothing can match these fine lines.

11/04 - I just replaced the clutch again, she drives the heck out of it. Easy job, even with dropping the engine and transaxle.
06/08/06 Alas, the kids grow up, get married, have kids, move far away, and sell their first love. She really hated to part with it but couldn't justify a "toy" at this stage. Ever try to wrestle one of those new-fangled car seats into the back of a Corvair?